Octo Coax Motor test

Hi all,

I've just upgraded my quad to a OctaQuad. I've set the Frame_Config to Octa_Quad_Frame in the APM_Config.h file and compiled and uploaded using Arduino with relax patch etc. etc.

All motors appear to work normally, rotations are all set correctly.

But I cant get the Motors thing to work in the CLI. There is nothing for ages then the front left lower motor spins, then a long long delay anf the same motor spins again. Any idea's?

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  • Ok, so i still cant get this to work for me, been trying all night

    All ESC's calibrate first go, and all motors start at the same time. Motors all sound like they are working normally, change sound with tilt test and rc input. seem to hold their calibration etc. There doesnt seem to be any other issues. but i havent been game enough to try flying it the way it is (and its been a bit windy, got up to 145km/h on Sunday)

    When doing the motors CLI test only 1 motor spins up with a very long delay. its confusing because they all work normally when  armed and calibrating and stuff.

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