Anyone know what Octocopters are on the way to carry a full-sized DSLR?  I know the DJI S1000+ and the 3DR X8+, but I want to know if there is anything on the horizon from these or other companies.

I would hate to invest in one of these, only to find out a much better model comes out the next month.  

I plan to go for this next spring, so I won't buy immediately in any case.

Any clues?

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3DR X8+ is to weak for DSLR. But it is ok for mirorrles camera such as Sony a5100. 

If you want better, stronger set-up you can choose 3DR Pixhawk Px4 on the Tarot frame with T-Motors motors. 

Sorry for my unclear post.  I knew that about the X8+, and was hoping to discover if 3DR is coming out with something to compete with or surpass the S1000+

I will investigate the  Px4 and Tarot - thanks for that.  Would you see that a better solution, say, than the S1000+?  I DO like the idea of more fully customizable from the ground up.

Carboncore cortex from the u.k

I have saw these kind of set-ups. Two of them actually. We will test those on the field for the flight times sometime soon. 

There are two slightly different setups but they have similar cameras and autopilots. We work only with 3DR Pixhawk flight controllers, because DJI is not a solution for our purposes. So answering to your question for S1000+ - is out of the question :)

Thanks for that.

What motors are you using?

You use a Tarot frame, correct? The T-1000?

Could you tell me why DJI S1000+ is out of the question?  Is it because of the Pixhawk open-source gives you more versatility with the build, and you are making these yourself(s)?

Thanks.  Do you have direct experience with them? Some things look better on paper than in reality. I seen on their website they do the 4-arm Octocopter design.

What flight controller and gimbal do you use, and why?


First things first to be clear: I don't build drone by myself. Me online shop provides drone parts for those who build them. So I see what parts are the best for users by their feedback. 

Answering to your questions:

I had a chance to fly a little with Tarot 690 frame PixhawkPx4 built in and DJI 400kv motors. 

Another project is being built with similar Tarot frame with PixhawkPx4 built on Emax motors.

Gimbal controllers are different, but mostly it is Alexmos 32 or 8 bit controllers with DYS motors. But it is a different story, because you need to start from a camera what are you willing to use. We all use the same cameras - Sony a5000 or a5100.

Carboncore cortex with Pixhawk. Very high quality carbon fibre, i am happy with it

That Sony makes more sense than putting a $4K 5D hundreds of feet in the air, and for that use, the picture quality is probably comparable.  I like you use the phrase "willing to use"

I currently have a Pixhawk powered Octocopter that cuts the perfect line between price and quality.  I would recommend the combination to anybody, and have thought about selling them RTF I believe in it so much (and anybody that knows me, knows that is saying a lot). Tarot X8 frame, with iPower motors, and Hobbywing Xrotor ESC's.  It flies about 20-25 minutes with a Sony Nex on a gimbal, using just two 6S 10,000 LiPos.    iPower iFlight motors are excellent value, very high quality without the brand name and high price of T-motors.  Hobbywing ESC's are probably the highest quality, best performing ESCs on the market, yet are very nicely priced.

I actually work with a guy locally who has a Carboncore X8 using T-motors motors and ESCs and he is looking at replicating my setup as he feels it performs better.

Great information, thanks. Nice to hear that works for you.  I had heard about the iFlight motors, but I didn't know they are as good as the T-motors.

What remote controller do you use?


What gimbal did you apply for Sony?

Did you tried Tarot X6 frame? 

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