Off-center APM position question...

Hi all.

I am re-configuring my quad after a maiden-flight crash and added ear plug mounts and re wired some things. Long story short, the mounting solution worked out best with the APM arrow facing forward as always but the APM board itself being offset to the left by about 1/2".

Will this cause major problems or just a small change in left vs right roll characteristics? Is there a setting in the config that I can change to account for the small offset?



APM 2.5 running version 3.0.1

X525 frame

1130Kv Turnigy SK3 motors

1145 props

3300mAh 3S lipo

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  • T3
    You should be fine. A little offset should not be an issue. I've had my APM off by a couple inches and it flys fine.
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Aug 25