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I'm just curious as to what would happen if both the radio and telemetry links were lost along with the Gps fix while under auto pilot or RTL? 

This is a worse case scenario of course.  

Let's say a fail-safe was set to RTL.  Would the plane keep flying in a straight line until a new GPS fix was acquired or would it actually RTL using dead reckoning?


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  • In this scenario I think the current APM would just continue in a straight line in stablilized flight wouldn't it?

    Probably the correct response should be to circle.

  • I think that brings up a really good point about APM reliability - do we know what would happen if each sensor or combination of sensors fail, and could an improvement to the code be made to detect and better deal with each possible failure?  

    If this isn't a goal for the current APM, is increased reliability something that should be added for future Ardupilot hardware platforms?  A 'high-reliability' board could even be designed that includes redundancy in certain areas - redundant gyros and accelerometers, gps, and inputs for redundant power supplied - obviously at increased cost - but maybe worth it for some applications?  Just thinking out loud.

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    I think I u loss all three you would have loss all hope!
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