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AndrewF commented on AndrewF's blog post SITL MAVProxy Joystick Support
"This module is only for controlling the SITL simulation with a joystick, not the actual ArduCopter.
Here is documentation on flying the actual ArduCopter with a joystick, via the Mission Planner:  http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/Joystick"
Sep 25, 2012
AndrewF replied to John Hudson's discussion ESC's Not Retaining Calibration in ArduCopter User Group
"If you monitor the channel 3 input on the Mission Planner (with motors disconnected) does it respond linearly? Does that response change after the APM is restarted?"
Jul 1, 2012
AndrewF commented on AndrewF's blog post SITL MAVProxy Joystick Support
"Sure, I'll try to set it up as a module, I'll need to learn a little more about how the modules work, but that should be doable.  Thanks for the feedback!"
Apr 2, 2012
AndrewF commented on Andreas M. Antonopoulos's blog post Software-in-the-loop Architecture
"Excellent - I was attempting to draw the same diagram by hand this weekend - this is much better."
Apr 2, 2012
AndrewF posted a blog post
I was working on getting the SITL simulation up and running this weekend, and was able to modify MAVProxy.py to support real-time control via a joystick or gamepad, here is the updated file:mavproxy_joy.pyIt requires installation of pygame…
Apr 2, 2012
AndrewF left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
"@Bradley, there is a 4-wire connector that sends the PWM servo signals from the APM to the power distribution board, and the mapping to motors can be changed by re-soldering the leads from this connector to the correct spots on the power…"
Mar 12, 2012
AndrewF replied to Cosmin Banu's discussion beginning APM2
"The FTDI cable would be for programming an Arduino that does not have a built-in FTDI - This is not needed for the APM2 (as well as APM1) since they have this on-board, and only require a normal micro USB cable, which looks like it is included with…"
Feb 15, 2012
AndrewF replied to MC's discussion Vision based real-time localization system
"I think there could be some promise in the OpenTLD algorithm (http://forums.trossenrobotics.com/showthread.php?4822-OpenTLD-quot-...).  It would still take some work to go from this to UAV navigation.  For example, if this algorithm could run on a…"
Feb 15, 2012
AndrewF replied to George D. Jagels Jr.'s discussion Help for a total Newbie in ArduCopter User Group
For 1), that is close to the right idea.  The x and y accelerometers on a quad don't actually sense much on a quad because as it tilts, it also accelerates in a way that negates the acceleration of gravity to the sensor.  Another way to…"
Feb 10, 2012
AndrewF commented on Ellison Chan's blog post Experiment with Momentum Cancelling Code
"What you're going for is known as "translational rate command" or TRC where aircraft velocity is proportional to the control input.  This is a step up from the current attitude-command response that is implemented in STABILIZE mode.  To truly do…"
Feb 7, 2012
AndrewF left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
"Many people are currently using Xbee radios for telemetry that are capable of communicating with a UAV beyond visual range.  Using a cell phone would just be an alternate way of implementing the telemetry link (albeit with the potential for MUCH…"
Nov 3, 2011
AndrewF commented on AndrewF's blog post Arducopter Tethered Tests
"Matt, that's interesting, your altitude would definitely reduce performance - at a given rotor RPM, the prop will move less air, and you will get less thrust, but will also require less torque.  Have you tried using a larger diameter or more…"
Oct 25, 2011
AndrewF commented on AndrewF's blog post Arducopter Tethered Tests
"Thanks for the advice - I will try running the motors for a longer time on the ground to see if that results in drift on its own.  I do have some padding between the APM and the frame, but I have not yet soldered the bridges to enable the hardware…"
Oct 23, 2011
AndrewF posted a blog post
My AC2 is assembled, and I was able to do a couple indoor tethered test flights to make sure things are connected and setup properly.  Here is the first test: This was somewhat of a success for the first flight, in that all of the electronics were…
Oct 23, 2011
AndrewF replied to Rigel's discussion On APM, what would happen if you lost radio link, telemetry link and GPS fix?
"I think that brings up a really good point about APM reliability - do we know what would happen if each sensor or combination of sensors fail, and could an improvement to the code be made to detect and better deal with each possible failure?  
Aug 17, 2011
AndrewF commented on diego colonnello's blog post Do you think APM can handle this airframe????? :-) sure it can!!!!!
"Krzysztof isn't trying to scare anyone - I agree that it is fine as long as you have a reliable backup (like manual mode) and don't fly to close to populated areas, but at the same time, the level of detailed testing and verification that commercial…"
Aug 3, 2011