2nd APM Working

So, I'd been having some trouble with my first APM board - I found the X and Y gyros were not working - I tested the connections, and found that the ADC was working correctly, but I was not getting a signal from the leads of the actual gyro chip.  It's been way more than 30 days since I ordered it, so I could not return it to the store, so I decided to bite the bullet and order a second APM.  After soldering it together, it appears to be fully functional.  Now I should be able to get on with some of the ROS stuff I mentioned in the last post.


Here is some more info on my blog, as well as a video of my pre-flight check of manual and FBW_A modes:






I've also been able to test it with a both QGroundcontrol, and the mission planner GCS successfully, so I'm hoping for a test flight later this week.


On a sidenote, I noticed that Sparkfun came out with a USB interface board for Andriod phones - which could be an excellent way to connect an XBee directly to an android for a phone or tablet-based ground station.



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    Great to hear of your progress. Please stay tuned for some announcements from the DIY Drones team regarding more on Android and iPhone ;-)
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