ESC's Not Retaining Calibration

I am having difficulties with ESC calibration on my 3DR quad. The calibration seems to go okay, with all motors starting in unison and accelerating proportional to throttle settings.

The trouble begins when I cycle the power on the APM2 board, the calibration seems to be "forgotten" and the motors spool up to about 75% of total power with only a slight advance on the throttle.

I am running the 30 amp jDrones ESC's with the 880 kv motors, and have double and triple-checked all the leads and connections. All trims on my radio are zeroed out, and the throttle curve is disabled.

I just don't know what else to try, and was hoping someone would have some good advice.


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  • If you monitor the channel 3 input on the Mission Planner (with motors disconnected) does it respond linearly? Does that response change after the APM is restarted?
  • Developer

    can you output the parameter list?


  • have you done them one at a time by hooking them to the reciever or the auto cal doing all 4 at one time.


    might have a bad esc or more. might need to do the reflash.

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