One motor is not synchronize with other 3 motors

1. When the throttle is fully down three motors are spinning very slowly  and one motor doesn't spin. When raise the throttle a bit the 4th motor that was not running start to spin. Can someone advise what could be the problem?  I synchronize all motors as in the guide.

2. Is there a way when motors are armed and the throttle is down that the 4 motors will not start to spin?

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  • Hope you solved your problem (long ago!)

    If not, the ESC calibration page of the on-line manual tells us that synchronization problems, including some motors starting to spin later than others, is an expected consequence of ESC mis-calibration.

    That was exactly my experience. All-new ESCs (4). "All-in-one" calibration (as per the manual page). Result was 2 motors spinning and 2 motors - nothing.

    So I manually calibrated the two 'dead' ESCs. Result - all 4 motors spinning, but one starting later and spinning much slower than the others. 

    So, I manually re-calibrated all 4 ESCs and - problem gone.

    Moral (in this case) - don't 'mix' calibration procedures. And keep re-calibrating (as advised in the manual) if you have synch problems.


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