I wanted to do a bit of a survey and see how many people are using open source autopilots in the U.S....
If you are the U.S. and are working on an open source project shoot back a response....
Please include what ap you are using as well

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Hi Danstah,

My entire project is not open source, but significant portions of it are. The autopilot (code that flies onboard) is based loosely on Xbow's open source autopilot for their (now discontinued) MNAV, but extended with a lot of code pulled out of FlightGear and SimGear and a lot of new code written specifically for this autopilot. I am currently running linux on a gumstix for the onboard computer (MNAV has it's own processor for low level sensor processing, servo driving, and external communication.) On the ground station side I use FlightGear (www.flightgear.org) extensively for prototyping new code ideas and for reviewing and visualizing flight data.

You can get some specs/picts of the UAS system we are developing here:


We are currently able to log 1 hour autonomous flights with this system, with a fair amount of payload capacity left over for additional sensors or more battery depending on the mission.



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