OpenUAV open source fixed wing platform


We are developing a fix-wing UAV aircraft as a school project of Estonian Aviation Academy.

It is a classical twin-boom pusher design with plan MTOW of 25kg.


After we have finished constructing version 1 airframe, the project is planned to continue improving different aspects of the platform.

The plans, schematics and building tips will be shared online for inspiration or anyone who is interested in building one themselves.


 I am looking for interested participants who would like to collaborate on the project.


This project aims to provide input to countless group projects, thesis topics, and research, in a wide range of fields.

Students can analyze a sub-subject area, or solve a problem and, thus, students can have an impact on the project at large.


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  • A very cool school project, and I hope you'll finish it. I think that many students who work on such projects would be interested in learning about your experience. I'm just also writing one study on how to create similar projects using and it would be cool to write about projects like yours. I wish you good luck with it.
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    • Yes, we are going to continue working on this.
  • Project looks interesting.
  • This project has been running for a year. Our CAD models have been done in SolidEdge but we can export them to Fusion 360 if people are interested.

    Many parts have been produced already but lot of work needs to be done to get the first craft airworthy.

    We have not used OpenVSP yet, but we could do in (probably next autumn semester).

    So far all the aerodynamic analysis has been done manually and using XFLIR5. These materials are right now in Estonian (google-translateble) but we will try to write more analysis in English in the future.

  • If you are using open source collaborative tools such as OpenVSP, Fusion 360, PX4, etc. I would be willing to assist as an advisor.
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