• int pixhawk's terminal you can run below commands

      nsh>px4flow test
      then you can get below information about sonar
      px4flow: ground_distance: 0.63 m
      px4flow: time since last sonar update [us]: 9524010
      px4flow: quality integration average : 255
      px4flow: quality : 0
      px4flow: PASS

      • thx will try this!

    • Developer

      Hi Andy,

      I'm afraid we don't support using the px4flow's sonar (it's mentioned on the wiki although it may not be perfectly clear).  Paul Riseborough tells me it's technical possible to use it by soldering a wire from one place to another but I don't have details on that.  The sonar that is comes with is also very short range which is part of the reason why none of the devs have put effort into trying to get it working.

      PX4FLOW Optical Flow Camera Board — Copter documentation
      • Hy Randy

        uups I missed that...

        So I can't use my PXFlow if I don't add another sonar to the copter:

        WIKI: "Because optical flow requires good sonar/range finder data when the optical flow is enabled, an additional pre-arm check is enforced."


        • Developer


          I hate to say it but yes, I'm afraid so.  Maybe we can get Paul Riseborough to tell us the "green wire" fix to make the sonar work as an analog sonar but the results won't be very good because it'll only work up to a few meters.

          • Randy,

            Is the old firmware (px4flow-klt-06Dec2014) still the correct one to use with the latest APM flight stack (e.g. Copter-3.3 or 3.4-dev) or should we use the newest firmware version from the PX4 repo?

            Old one:

            Newest one:

            Contribute to priseborough/px4flow development by creating an account on GitHub.
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