Optical Flow for Hexa-C using APM 2.5

I've been reading a couple folks using the 3D Robotics Optical Flow Sensor v1.2 for their projects, but for some reason I'm not seeing it for sale on the 3D Robotics site.  Will the PX4FLOW work with the APM?

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  • Hi, no not that I know of. At least I have seen no software support for it in ardupilot. I don't know what kind of data the PX4FLOW sensor delivers, or if it low enough volume that an APM can digest it. The 3DR sensor was often critisized for being insufficient in different respects. You may want to have a PX4 solution either with the Swiss research firmware, or after ardupilot some time releases PX4FLOW support. When that happens it might be for the PX4 platform only.
    Regards, Soren
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Aug 25