Optimizing battery life for 3DR quad setup?

I'm currently using the kit 3D robotics setup and I'm looking for more battery life. Completely stock I got around 5-6 minutes, and with a camera setup I'm closer to 3 minutes. This is all on 3s 2200mah 40c packs.


At what point would increasing the battery capacity detract instead of help improve flight times? Maybe bumping up to 3000mah would be better?


Also, am I correct in assuming that a bigger quad (bigger power system, or octo) will have a longer battery life?



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  • Thanks for the replies! Unfortunately I don't have a scale at the moment (or a watt meter), but here is my setup:


    Motors: AC2830-358 (2830-12), 850Kv

    ESCs: 3D Robotics 20 amp

    Props: 10x4.5 SF

    Battery: Turnigy 2200mah 3s 40C


    After ~3 minutes of flying with a point and shoot camera, the pack read 11.7 volts.


    Right now I'm thinking of just replacing the motors/escs with larger ones, then using a larger battery. (Maybe 4s?)

  • Hi Razor! , would you describe your motor/prop & ESC setup?  Total frame weight w/o battery & with battery ?  Its your battery new ? 

    To give you an example of my setup:

    Motors : Rc TImers 2830-14 750Kv

    ESC: Turnigy Plush 30A ( same as HobbyWing 30A ) - Programmed for Nixx battery type and lipo alarm plugged in!

    Props: EPP 10x4.5 SF

    Battery: Turnigy 4.0 ( 4000mAh ) 4-cells (14.8v) 20-30C

    Frame weight without Battery: Aprox. 550g

    Frame weight with battery: Aprox 995g ( 1Kg rounded )

    This setup gives me aprox  18 mins of flying around  and aprox. 22 min only hovering.


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    What's your weight w and w/o battery? Also what is your prop size and watt meter reading at half and full throttle?


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