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RazorConcepts posted a discussion
I'm looking to get back into ardupilot and I'm a little overwhelmed at the flight controller options. My last board was the original ArduPilot Mega from 10 years ago. I'm wondering if there is a reasonably priced, popular/standard flight controller…
May 13, 2022
RazorConcepts replied to RazorConcepts's discussion Optimizing battery life for 3DR quad setup?
"Thanks for the replies! Unfortunately I don't have a scale at the moment (or a watt meter), but here is my setup:
Motors: AC2830-358 (2830-12), 850Kv
ESCs: 3D Robotics 20 amp
Props: 10x4.5 SF
Battery: Turnigy 2200mah 3s 40C
After ~3 minutes of…"
Nov 17, 2011
RazorConcepts posted a discussion
I'm currently using the kit 3D robotics setup and I'm looking for more battery life. Completely stock I got around 5-6 minutes, and with a camera setup I'm closer to 3 minutes. This is all on 3s 2200mah 40c packs. At what point would increasing the…
Nov 17, 2011
RazorConcepts posted a discussion
I am just getting set up and ran into a minor roadblock in terms of which motors should be spinning. Here is a picture of how my quad is set up. X configuration:So, I should expect that when I push the pitch stick forward, the rear motors 2 and 4…
Oct 29, 2011
RazorConcepts posted a discussion
I'm sitting on some Hobbyking SuperSimple SS 40 amp ESCs and was wondering whether anybody has had success with them. I know that even in terms of "cheap overseas stuff" they are the cheapest of the cheap (I'd imagine the Plush series would do…
May 27, 2011
RazorConcepts posted a discussion
I'm looking into the Razor 9dof and I have some questionsFirst, and most importantly, are significant revisions to come (besides the 328)? I don't want to buy it now and have it be obsolete in 2 months.Next, looking at the code, I see some RAM…
Feb 11, 2010
RazorConcepts posted a discussion
In this link here:http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/using-the-5hz-locosys-gps-withThe code link is broken. Can anyone upload the GPS parsing code?
Oct 17, 2009
RazorConcepts commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Using the 5Hz Locosys GPS with Arduino/ArduPilot
"I need help getting this to work. I am using a Spakfun shifter board - com1. The GPS is running off a 3.3 regulator and I verified it is getting 3.3 volts. RX on the shifter going to TX on the gps, and vice-versa. Both realterm and hyperterminal at…"
Sep 27, 2009
RazorConcepts posted a discussion
Looks good! I may pick up a few gyro sensor boards.http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9373h...
Aug 26, 2009
RazorConcepts commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post Official ArduPilot 2.3 Released
"Thanks! Didn't realize I had to do that, put it in the libraries folder and it works perfectly."
Aug 24, 2009
RazorConcepts commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post Official ArduPilot 2.3 Released
"Does the code compile for you guys? I get this error:
55: error: easystar.h: No such file or directory In function 'void navigation()':
In function 'void stabilization()':
In function 'int calc_roll(float, float)':
In function 'int…"
Aug 24, 2009
RazorConcepts posted a discussion
Hi, I was wondering if there are other people who have used other hardware besides the standard recommended one. I was thinking...replace 1hz em406 with 5hz ls20031. They cost the same anyways!Forget the IR stabilization. Completely remove any IR…
Aug 23, 2009