Other Ardupilot hardware

Hi, I was wondering if there are other people who have used other hardware besides the standard recommended one. I was thinking...replace 1hz em406 with 5hz ls20031. They cost the same anyways!Forget the IR stabilization. Completely remove any IR stab code, and just put gyros on the servo lines. Done?I suppose many people have tuned the settings for a slow stick?Finally, how is altitude sensed? Thanks!

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  • I'd say work away and share your experiences. When the solid state gyro's and accelerometers came out over the last decade or so, there was allot of work to create stabilized platforms and autopilots (rotomotion.com) using them but the drift was too much and eventually the IR system became dominant for the low cost uav's. The IR's give a true angle of roll, and not a rate of roll, so the chip has allot less work to do. That been said, The 6 DOF board here is an option but I think you will always need a "which way is up indicator".

    I'd love to see if Chris and the lads could fly a mission with a ardupilot + 6/5DOF (SEN-09268 from sparkfun) datalogger and post the data for us to work on so that we could see what the size of the measured roll rates and accelerations are. The data would be processed on a pc and compared against the measured rolls or a FPV video, eventually leading to a program for a microprocessor.
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