• Does anyone have information how to set up with this :

    I'm searchin' for a while but only the flat one has usable manuals ... :-/
  • Woow, Nice little things!
    I hope some expert come up with nicely documented Arduino code to determine attitude, velocity, acceleration in flight.

    Ardupilot Sensor Board - Six Degrees of Freedom (Daughter),
    Ardupilot Sensor Board - Six Degrees of Freedom (Main)
    The names of these boards are sound a bit misleading. Neither of these boards are 6DOF IMU. But, they are can be used as parts of 6DOF IMU.
  • 3D Robotics
    Sparkfun got a bit ahead of us on this one. We'll be releasing the code for these boards next week.
  • I picked up the "main" board and an Ardupilot last week, They should be here by Tues-Wed Next week! I am going to be using them on a ground ROV not in the air. I still hope the 4DOF gives me enough info to help with localization and mapping eventually! I still have to figure out how to get the ardupilot integrated into a non-rc system yet but I'm going to get cracking as soon this new hardware arrives.
  • Is there any software to support the IMU version yet?
  • Yahooooo !
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