Razor 9dof AHRS Code questions

I'm looking into the Razor 9dof and I have some questions

First, and most importantly, are significant revisions to come (besides the 328)? I don't want to buy it now and have it be obsolete in 2 months.

Next, looking at the code, I see some RAM wasters... I think there are about 6 for loops that use ints (could use bytes), and also a ton of serial.println that wastes a lot of ram (the strings could be stored in the flash). is there a reason why this is done or is the code space/ram not a huge factor at the moment? Thanks!

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  • These would be good questions to ask Sparkfun. :-)

    I'd think that even if they do come out with new revisions, they won't make your version obsolete provided that you can still use it...

    And RAM wasters aren't that big a deal if you aren't trying to fit lots of stuff in. You might as well use printf when you can to save yourself the development headache.
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