Radio channels reversed or fly it backwards?

I am just getting set up and ran into a minor roadblock in terms of which motors should be spinning. Here is a picture of how my quad is set up. X configuration:

3690896283?profile=originalSo, I should expect that when I push the pitch stick forward, the rear motors 2 and 4 should spin up. But the opposite happens - 1 and 3 spins up.


The roll direction is also reversed - push the stick right, 1 and 4 spin up.


How should I fix this problem? I know I can fix it by reversing the channels on the transmitter or just flying it "backwards" (180 degrees to what I intended it) but I'm worried the stabilization would correct in the wrong way.



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  • Developer

    Do not reverse your radio channels to fix issues. Your radio should output high PWM for roll right and pitch back. Check the roll right = about 4500 and pitch back = about 4500 in the CLI radio test.

    If you see reversed control, check that you have the channels in the right order. 


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