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  • @Matt

    i guess Peter is using two planes and one is working with airspeend throttle control

    and aileron/V-tail wasn't tested by anyone yet as far as i know...
    we should try sometime.
  • Are you guys all having these successful flights with the throttle on auto or manual?

    Also, is the aileron/v-tail system working yet?
  • 3D Robotics

    It's all in the manual. If you don't go through it step by step you'll have plenty more problems.
  • Thanks! Didn't realize I had to do that, put it in the libraries folder and it works perfectly.
  • Razor,

    It compiles fine. Did you copy the easystar.h to your proper folder for arduino IDE. If not you will get compile errors such as the above.
  • Does the code compile for you guys? I get this error:
    55: error: easystar.h: No such file or directory In function 'void navigation()':
    In function 'void stabilization()':
    In function 'int calc_roll(float, float)':
    In function 'int altitude_error(int, int)':
    In function 'byte PID_throttle(int, int, int)':
    In function 'int PID_roll(int, byte, int)':
    In function 'int PID_pitch(int, int)':
    In function 'void catch_analogs()':
    In function 'void pulse_servos(int, int)':
    In function 'void pulse_servo_1(long int)':
    In function 'void pulse_servo_2(long int)':
    In function 'int read_Ch1()':
    In function 'int read_Ch2()':
    In function 'void print_data()':
  • Way to go Rusty!!! Sounds like your getting her locked in well for your first waypoint flights...Congrats!!!
  • The Twinstar comes home!

    The initial head_p was 0.7, and that just turned back and forth 180 degrees, overshooting by 90 degrees each time. As undesirable as that was, it was impressive to note that the plane was never out of control. I then tried 0.35, and that didn't turn at all. The 3rd try was 0.5, and that works pretty darn well for the current setup. I must have tried it 10 times, flying in every direction I could think of, and the RTL just turned back to home, and then circled overhead. Very cool. Can't wait to try some waypoints.

  • I'll try that tomorrow. I do need to change the logic for decelerating when approaching a waypoint and around turns. The plane obviously shouldn't do that.
  • Chris,

    i guess the settings will have to be changed a bit of it is for a car or a boat since the corner are very strong compare to an airplane,
    but it should work as it first before try to change anything

    you'll have to try it and try it Happy!

    good work on that, when the setting is done you're in!!
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