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G'day all. First post so go easy on me.

I would like to know if anyone could help identify the model or type of motor that is used in the Elbit Skylark or EMT Aladin UAVs. It appears to be a long cylinder, which would be a nice option to have for the UAV design that I am working on for next year's Unmanned Systems Canada competition.

Both the Skylark and the Aladin get fairly high endurance from their batteries, and I am curious as to how much different sizes and makes of motors can affect efficiency of the aircraft. I would also like to know if there is a straight forward way for me to do the appropriate calculations that will allow me to select the appropriate motor. If anyone has any knowledge of a motor that would be especially efficient for a 5-6kg (11-13 lb) UAV I would like to hear it. 

For reference, I intend on using a folding prop, similar to both of the previously mentioned UAV platforms.


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  • Well this a little tricky since neither company puts lots of info on their web sites. First of all the Elbit and EMT Aladin look like similar motor and prop packages.  Elbit 1 has twice the span and takeoff weight compared to the EMT Aladin so I would guess they are using the same technology but are not the same size and specs.

    It is hard to get any dimensions of the motor or prop from either the respective web sites but from the pictures you can definitely see they are using Graupner CAM folding props. This is the best clue to go on and I am sure that the motors are in-runner brushless motors with, planetary gearbox, CAM folding prop, with the ESC in the tube behind the motor.

    These are essentially R/C Electric sailplane items that are available from several sources. A hacker B50 or B40 would be a typical example. I have  a B50 in a large 3.5M electric sailplane that climbs straight up at a well over 1500 ft/sec, of course it does not have the payload weight these things are carrying.

    My next suggestion is look at a program called MOTOCALC. I use if for plane, motor, gearbox, and prop calculations and it will save you tons of time in helping you improve the efficiency of your UAV. Good Luck on the project.

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