Tucson, AZ

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Technically inclined with engineering backround and work in aerospace. Also a longtime R/C flyer.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I have watched for a long time as the sensors and processing power got smaller and more capable for autopilots and guidance equipment. Time to learn more details.

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gadgetfan2 replied to Simon's discussion Optimizing Motor Question
"Well this a little tricky since neither company puts lots of info on their web sites. First of all the Elbit and EMT Aladin look like similar motor and prop packages.  Elbit 1 has twice the span and takeoff weight compared to the EMT Aladin so I…"
Jul 22, 2012
gadgetfan2 replied to Vikram's discussion Glider Thrust Torque Problem
"Two solutions that will work.
1 Easy to do. Use a mixer to feed in rudder correction with throttle input. Only problem is that the torque is not linear with throttle stick position.

2 This is harder to do depending on how the motor is mounted. Shim…"
Jun 14, 2012
gadgetfan2 replied to narwhal's discussion Polyurethane

Here is a source for pre-made Polyurethane envelopes and motors. I use the 1/3 oz motors on my 6 ft blimp.

Look here"
May 23, 2012