Original Pixhawk 1MB memory limit and Plane 3.7

Hi everyone, Ive been out of this for about 12 months and just decided to dust of my Skywalker and take her back out.

Last time I flew I think I had Plane  3.5.2 installed.  I have two questions I hope someone could help me with.

1. Is Pixhawk  capable of safely fitting Plane 3.7 or future 3.8 in its 1 MB memory or do I need to update to latest model Pixhawk2 ?

2. There seems to be a lot of mainly Quad-plane additions in the later firmware updates. Should I just stick with 3.5.2 ? Is it possible (and safe) to add only applicable parts of later firmware revisions to help keep under the 1MB limit ? There was a fix for drifting altitude variations in a later FW version that I would like to add.

Any help or relevant links will be appreciated.


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Aug 25