• I had an older one of these with a different carb (changed it over to a similar dual needle) - think of it as being in between an electric and a typical glow / gas model.  The sound is great (if that matters to you.)  Mine was on an UltraStick from Hangar9 and even though the plane wasn't much to look at, It always got a second look due to the engine.  It was also really easy to start once it was broken in (easier than any of my other glow engines.)  There was still plenty of vibration, but it WAS noticeably less. 

  • Don't think it doesn't vibrate.  It still had a wobbly part inside.

  • hi, i am not sure about the os ones but real rotary engines generally use alot more fuel than a standard engine, so it might mean you loose the advantage in weight terms when compared with what can be achieved with lipos these days.


    Electric motors win in the vibrations stakes.

    It sure would look and sound different.


    regards richard

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