OSD works, grey screen for video

I can not solve this:  I have a grey screen for video.

Please keep in mind, this setup WAS WORKING.  3691101331?profile=originalI had video but no OSD, so I started to mess with it, now I have only OSD and grey background (see pic). 

I have a minimOSD v1.1 board.

I have tried ALL published firmware and character sets, including multiple configuration tools, only the version 1.9 fails to work, all other versions do just fine.  All versions fail to have a working artificial horizon bar (see pic), which needs to be fixed but is minor compared to video problem.

I have a Horyzon HD v3 cam.

It is (and was) properly wired.  Connections from this camera to the OSD have passed continuity checks, they are talking.  I have the remote switch option working currently.  I have removed that switch from the setup and I still get grey screen.  I have reflashed the firmware.  I have taken apart the camera.  When not plugged into video TX it works fine.  When I plug it into the video TX the screen goes grey.

I have a 1W 5.8 BOSCAM Video Tx.

I have tried two of these.  Same grey screen.  I have tried a different brand, same grey screen.  I can also see the OSD information in my goggles so it is transmitting.

Skyzone FPV goggles.

These are fine, I have tested them on different systems and they work as intended.

Battery setup:

12v to Video TX from a battery.  5V to MinimOSD from the APM 2.6 side.  12V From Video TX to the the MinimOSD side.  Camera gets 12V supply from same battery as the Video TX does only it is stepped down to 5V for the camera input.

Things I have checked:

1.  I did continuity checks on all wires involved

2.  All pins inspected, all connections inspected

3.  Plugged in a different camera and the entire system worked. !!!

Things I suspect:

1.  For some reason the camera is not putting out a video signal, I don't know how else to test this

2.  Gremlins are real.

3.  Firmware may still be the culprit.




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  • Grounds are hooked up via the pass through pins on the osd card. Ground from video is hooked up that way but power to the camera is done from a separate battery.
    • Sorry i deleted my response, i thought it was completely wrong. 

      You still  need to hookup ground from the camera to the minimosd or vtx. Without that it wont work.

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