PC software MultiWii drone controller with Bluetooth MSP ?

I have a Drone running MultiWii v2.4 software. I am running a Bluetooth MultiWii controller App on my Android phone. The controller is using MSP commands to control the MultiWii drone. I am using the drone in an educational project for coding education.

Is it possible (or ever been done or does software exist) to control the drone directly by software on a PC with a Bluetooth connection to the MultiWii Drone ?  I want the software on a PC to take the place of the Android app on the phone. The PC software should connect directly to the Drone by Bluetooth and control the drone by MSP commands.

It seems to maybe have been accomplished on this video: https://youtu.be/QWHUw9l_pf0 . But I can’t see all the details going on there (connection type, Bluetooth module). I would rather find something in English and preferably open source too. 

Any idea for PC software direct control of MultiWii drone using MSP commands over Bluetooth link ?


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