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American in South Korea.

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Andrew posted a discussion
I am making some education software that will use drones. I want to learn a lot about the avionics theory involved in drone flight (IMU, PID, Mix Table, etc). I need that rather than building the drone and uploading the software type info. Anyone…
Nov 7, 2017
Andrew posted a discussion
I have a Drone running MultiWii v2.4 software. I am running a Bluetooth MultiWii controller App on my Android phone. The controller is using MSP commands to control the MultiWii drone. I am using the drone in an educational project for coding…
Sep 16, 2017
Andrew posted a discussion
I want to do a project with a drone transmitting a picture which is then relayed to a website automatically. I expect there to be an intermediate step with a smart phone or maybe an arduino.The drone camera sends the picture over Bluetooth (I…
Jun 28, 2017