Hello all,

I'm very new to drone building, and have set myself a challenge of creating a twin motor fixed wing plane. I will be using two batteries, and as the title suggests, two motors and hence two ESCs. For this purpose I decided to purchase a PDB; a "Matek PDB-XPW w/ Current Sensor 140A and Dual BEC (5V and 12V)" (link:https://bit.ly/2E9o4bJ).

I purchased it noting that it had a rating of 140 A, which seemed suitable as my two motors draw a maximum current of 44 A, and have 50 A ESCs for each of them. Everything seemed perfect!

When the device arrived I realised the 140 A rating is distributed equally in 4 parts to each ESC pad: giving them 35 A each! Like most, designed for quad rotors. This is written on the back of the board, and had me worried... Can this device only deliver 35 A to each port, regardless or the number of ESC pads in use? Or if I'm using two of the pads will it deliver up to 70 A each?

I assume it's the former, and in which case, could I connect a single ESC to two pads in parallel to effectively double the maximum current up to 70 A? I've attached a diagram to show you what I'm on about in case any of that wasn't clear! My apologises if I've used terms incorrectly, or if some of it doesn't make sense.

I've also included an electronic diagram of the parallel connection, where the M is the ESC *pads* (on the PDB) and the potential difference is a single motor/ESC system.

Thank you!

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