Photogrammetry Workstation/Server

Hi everyone,

Is anyone doing multi-processor processing of aerial imagery on Pix4D or other software? I would like to up our processing capacity by acquiring low-cost (sub $6000) processing hardware that can run multiple instances of Pix4D.

Unless there have been recent updates, Pix4D is not parallelizable on one processor for all parts of the processing, requiring multiple processors.

I have been looking at SuperMicro dual- and quad-processor solutions (workstations and servers). If anyone has any experience and can advise me, I would greatly appreciate it.

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        • You're right - it may be something we want to try first. I'll allocate half the cores and try to run two instances.

          The most annoying part was the project failing because of RAM limitations, but it looks like they now spill over into HDD space which is nice.

          I also share your concerns with sharing the GPU - I wonder if I could instead use processors with integrated graphics and skip the GPU entirely. I really probably need to talk to a Pix4D representative but they haven't contacted me back.

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