Good day everyone.

I'am working on autonomous quadrotor project, i already buy 4 RC ESC with 4 Brushless motor.

I make connection from PIC18F4431 > (through signal cable)ESC > Motor.

The problem is after I program my PIC to send PWM signal through corresponding PIC pin connected to ESC signal cable, when I power up all setup, the motor not running and ESC just make beeb..beeb.. sound continuously.

first of all does the RC ESC can simply receive PWM signal from PIC for control the motor.

18A ESC.jpg

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  • I have the same query. i have turnigy plush 18-A ESC and the manual that comes with it suggests that it directly takes commands from RC transmitter and it needs to be attached with the receiver. however i want to use it in quadcopter so can i program (that is doing PWM) ESC with the controller that i use?

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