Picking a tracking antenna, advice?

The time has come to start looking into picking a tracking antenna, these are the ones I have found so far and any comments on them or any others you guys have used or WISHED you had used would be very helpful!

1) EagleEyes

2) Hobby IC FlyMyDream Antenna Tracker

3) ReadyMade RC EZtracker

4) RangeVideo RVGS Antenna Tracker

5) BEVRC Antenna Tracker

6) SkyLark antenna tracker

7) HappyKillmore's GCS/Antenna Tracking guide

I'm sure there are LOTS more out there just as I am sure that what I'm wanting in an antenna tracker is the same that most want in one here.

But, to be clear what I'd like to find is one that works with the Mission Planner from DIY, one that would work with the MinimOSD from DIY and something that would be a complete package for about $200 or less.

Even if you made something or know of something that is not what I'm looking for exactly, please post a link to it so we can all use this thread as a sort of cataloger for those who are also looking for a tracker too!

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