PID settings and setup questions in 1.0.64

Hi folks..


I am trying to figure out how to approach the new PID settings that are in the Mission Planner. Are there any good discussions I can peruse that will help me?  I updated to the 1.0.64 version and saw that several things changed that have now shaken my understanding of how this all works.


Is there a thread I am missing that might discuss this? I have looked up PID information in the forums but nothing seems to address the direct changes to the interface.


Issues I am having and thank you in advance for any help:


- The D parameter has gone missing now on the Stabilize PID settings. Why? I dont understand. I was actively setting it when trying to get our homebuilt quad to fly right. Now I dont have it to adjust and do not know what to try.


- I see PID settings with all three P, I, and D values for Alt Hold and Loiter but no Simple or Auto modes represented in any of the settings. How can we adjust those other flight modes as they certainly will need some adjustment no?


- Why did the D setting remain with Alt Hold and Loiter?


- What is NavWP mode and where is there information about it?


- What is Crosstrack Correction mode? I know what a Crosstrack correction is but its a mode?


- Are those two above modes that are new? Renamed?


- Why doesnt the Rate Roll, Rate Pitch, and Rate Yaw have any values in its fields when I connect to the vehicle? I see no entries at all in those fields when connected to the quad. I see the other entries prefilled upon connecting. I have no idea what to put in the Rate fields whatsoever. There is nothing I can find in the forums about this at all.


I am SURE I must be missing something... The manual doesnt show AC2 PID screen and doesnt address it.

Someone please point me in a direction! And please NOT out the door...



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    I don't understand. The AC2 PID settings are very much in the manual. I think you're confusing APM (fixed wing) parameters with ArduCopter parameters. Maybe you're even in the wrong manual?


    And have you selected the right vehicle in the MP?



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