Hi All;

I'm writing hoping that some of you experts can tip me out.

I'm fine tuning a heavy lift quadcopter: DJI S1000 stock frame+ESC+Motors+props, and Pixhawk 1 FC.

The UAV has a sturdy gimbal to carry a DSLR camera + Thermal Infrared sensor + NIR conerted Canon SX260HS.

I did a Pitch/Roll autotune, and today, after installing AC 3.5.0 FW and a compass and accelerometer calibration, I did a manual inflight tuning (CH6 - Pitch/Roll Rate - KP, KI, KD - Loiter mode).

Overall the performance is not that bad, however it's not what I'd like it to be: I need a stable ad smooth machine for filming, taking photos and 'photogrammetry work" - for instance hovering in Loiter in extremely light wind is not as solid as one would expect - the UAV moves around visibly, showing some twitchy behavior.

I'm attaching the data flash logs hoping some of you can spot some hints on what could improve the performance (stable and smooth).

I thank you all in advance for your feedback.

Best Regards



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