Pid values for Hexa xl

Hello, after reading a lot about this project, and in the need of choosing a new FC system, I decided to go Open Source. My choice is APM. 


After assembling my mk hexa xl frame with all the rest from Martin ( (jdrones 30 amps esc, 2836 850 motors). 


I managed to put it to fly. But it's far from stable and after moving a little the stick it oscilates.


The problem I think is coming from the PID tuning. For now my pid are:


Which values should I correct to have decent stabilization?


Thank you and sorry for the newbe question.


pid values.jpg

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  • thanks Mike, keep you posted about mods. 


    Today I will redo some PID settings (I want it perfect, :-)) after looking the ardupirates superstable PID settings way (it's dangerous having the hexa so close to me but I will try to not hurt me)


    Let's see what happens.



  • Developer

    Nicolas, we are using on original ArduCopter HEXAs that are made by jDrones following values. I think these would be good values for you to start working too as you use our motors.


    Stabile roll/pitch

    P: 3.0

    I: 0.001

    IMAX: 5


    This is for 2.0.47 software and hexa with jDrones AC2836-358 motors and 12" propellers.

  • Well, new test, trying to use CH6 option, but nothing changes (or I didn't find it). 

    I managed to make it hover but movements are dificult and some times it goes away.

    About Imax, is it the MAX angle? If I have 10, then is 10°? 


    Tried also to have rate_P lower to see the difference, I saw it. I need to buy a couple of propellers. 

    Well keep trying tomorrow. 


    By the way, when flyong in auto-trim mode, what should I do? Try to hover at one place? do nothing, trim with the radio?


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    I like to tun with CH6 using my proportional control on my radio. I start with Rate_Roll_P/Rate_Pitch_P, which for you seems too high.


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    Does it do big/slow oscillations, or small/fast oscillations?


    Watch this video then read this. They use different terms. Attitude (video) == stabilize (manual), Rate == rate.

    If it is large/big/slow oscillations then try reducing stabilize p for both pitch and roll (keep them the same) 

    If it is fast/small oscillations, then try reducing the rate p for both pitch and roll.

    You do not have to reduce by big numbers... just because it shows two significant digits... i.e., you can go to 3.45, it is not just 3.4 or 3.3!


    Look at the video, see how he tunes his pid by focusing on one axis only? and mounting between chairs? Good idea! You can see easier what is happening, get better tuning... 


    Please come back and post on what you did and what you found so others can also learn, if this works. And if it does not, then maybe you can make some videos?

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