Pixhawk 4 with high voltage digital servos

Hi everyone! I am an undergrad mechanical engineering student who might use a pixhawk 4: https://www.banggood.com/Pixhawk-PX4...r_warehouse=CN to control four high voltage 6v-7.4v digital servos : https://hitecrcd.com/products/servos...7235mh/product. They are for a thrust vectoring mechanism of an electric ducted fan rocket. From what I've read, a 5V BEC can be connected to the pixhawk servo rails to power them, then the servos can be connected. However, that is for servos operating at 5v. For servos operating >5v, I've heard that one needs to run a 7.4v BEC from a battery, directly to the servos first. The servo + and ground wires connect to the BEC wires somehow. Then, connect the signal wires of each servo to the rails of the pixhawk. I had been searching for a wiring diagram/schematics of this setup as I have never used a digital servo, BEC or flight controller before as I am new to the RC world. In short, a complete novice. So far, I have come across only these few images attached. I would like to know if someone can please provide a schematic or guide as to where I can find this setup implemented. I have checked on google scholar and other youtube videos.9153649068?profile=RESIZE_710x

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