Hi,I’m currently developing a fixed wing UAV with stalling speed around 6m/s. I use 3DR’s Pixhawk to measure the performance of this UAV. The air speed is measured by 3DR’s Pixhawk air speed sensor as below.https://store.3drobotics.com/products/pixhawk-airspeed-sensor-kitDuring the test I found that the airspeed sensor gives data of 0 m/s when the airspeed drops to be below 3m/s and there are relative large fluctuation when the airspeed is below 8m/s. That means this airspeed sensor might not be very accurate for low speed. Have anyone got similar problem or you think I did anything wrong with it? If this airspeed sensor can’t measure that low airspeed, could anyone recommend an airspeed sensor to me for this usage?

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  • Could anyone help on this air speed sensor problem?

    • no idea what the spec of the airspeed sensor is, but given it relies on pressure, there is certainly a minimum speed threshold and you may have found it. but I think the code utilizes both airspeed sensor and gps data together to get an accurate airspeed


      • Does that mean it is quite hard(impossible?) to obtain a more accurate air speed with airspeed sensor costing less than 500 USD?

        By the way how could it use gps data to obtain a more accurate airspeed? Wind changes all the time. Theoretically there isn't any relation between ground speed and air speed.
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