I have been searching for any new posts related to the topic of PWM RSSI such as what Orange LRS outputs, FrSky, I think EZUHF and probaly many more. I know on Pixhawk.org it explains that is has PWM Rssi input. Will this ever be implemented on Copter or Plane ? (or is it and I just can't figure it out?)

I know you can go RSSI over channel but a lot of receivers do not let you do that. Is there a limitation I am unaware of or just not enough demand to support the new code development?

I know you can buy a filter to go to analog but that seems to be going backawards not forwards with the tech.

Thanks for your input.

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Hi, have you solved this problem? I am using Dragonlink V2 with the multicopter version of the receiver. It has an RSSI pin and also you can configure digital rssi on one of the channels. but i can not get the value on pixhawk

thanks in advance

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