Pixhawk and Sonar for Arducopter 3.1.1 RC2


I did a post in the new forum, but I did not get any further response:


Craig said that Pixhawk with sonar works fine, but only if I define sonar pin (SONAR_PIN).

But this parameter is not avaliable in AC. Only in ArduRover e.g.

So can anyone here give me a hint how to activate the sonar in Arducopter for the Pixhawk? Is there a default port?

Because I use the MB 1240 I am be able to use the ADC 6.6 or with a fewer range ADC 3.3 (Pin 15,14 and 13)

Cheers Gregor

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  • Hi, I am trying to connect the PX4FLOW sensor with APM 2.6, Can anyone please help me out..any suggestions...


    • PX4Flow will only work with future releases of the Pixhawk. The sonar on Pixhawk will work with AC 3.2. I still have no answer if the I2C sonar or the analog sonar will be supported on 3.2. Maxbotix recommends only the 124x models for our purposes. Here in germany I can only buy the PX4Flow with the fitted MB 10XX Sonar. Maybe 3DR will change this after they sold their old ones ;-(

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