Hi @all,

I've been wondering if someone has a list of all UDP channels of the Arduplane v3.5 with Pixhawk.

I'm trying to setup a HIL simulation via Matlab and XPlane. My idea is to run the HIL simulation with the PIxhawk, send all UDP outputs to Matlab, calibrate and organize them correctly and send them further to XPlane. I've found that the throttle will be send in CH1 at byte 20 to 24. The elevator, aileron and rudder will be send on CH2 at byte 5 to 16.

To work in an automated mode I need to send the XPlane data (GPS etc.) to Matlab, calibrate them for the Pixhawk and send them further to the Pixhawk.

Does anyone know of a list of all Channels and ports of the Arduplane HIL setup UDP communication, so that I could address each correct channel with its correct data? Or does anyone has useful information related to this topic?

Many thanks in advance,


(further information: I'm using the APM Plane Pixhawk, Mission Planner 1.3.37, Arduplane V3.5.0 and XPlane10.40)

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