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I just want to ask if Pixhawk Autopilot could also perform arming without any peripherals connected just like an APM can. If someone have tried it already, I hope you could tell me what must be done.

Thank you for your time! :)

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not in current release, but in next release, there's a paramter SAFETYENABLE, if you set it to 0 , you don't need a switch - if you build from source, it's there..

Yes you're right, thank you so much.That would be a great help in the future :). For now,  I'm still having problems in terms of arming. The peripherals connected were GPS, compass, buzzer, and the safety switch. I still can't do the Radio Calibration since I have problems on the connectors/wires. Have you tried arming it without calibrating? I can't, I just want to ask if you've tried it successfully or not, because apm can do arming without Radio Calibration.



Arming requires at least throttle ( in case mode 2) and yaw to be in certain position, without radio calibration, that is not possible.

Oh I see, thank you so much! :) I'll try arming it if my RC problems will be fixed already.

Have a nice day,


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