PIXHAWK - command was denied by the autopilot

This is the fourth quad I'm building. The first three have used 2.6 APM successfully. Now when mounting a new quad with the Pixhawk, I found the famous phrase:Command  was denied by the autopilot (when I am testing the motors)
I did and redid everything and I can't hit. Already researched in all forums. Someone decided to reinstall the Firmware 3.1.5. I tried and nothing.There is a list of likely causes for this message from hell. I need help and thank you.

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  • mira tengo ese mismo problema. por favor alguien lo ha poddo soluciona ?
  • Very simple. Hold down the safety button until  get solid red. Then everything will be OK.

    • I need help with this issue... I lost my safety switch in a crash, and I have it disabled (BRD_SAFETYENABLE 0). However, I am unable to perform my motor test because of this same error message. Is this a bug? APMCopter 3.3.1

  • Motors and esc are working fine and are calibrated. The throttle works normal in calibration mode of esc. HELP !

    • tengo el mismo problema. a veces me da por pensar que es el transmisor mal calibrado. pero al conectarlo por fuera de pixhwk funciona bien
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