Pixhawk Dead ??

I maiden my skywalker, trimmed out and flew in stabilize mode last weekend. Everything was fine. No crash, perfect landing.

Now today I powered up my plane and i am getting a RED LED SOLID and a weird tone.

I have looked through documentations. No information about SOLID RED LED.

I am also NOT ABLE to connect to mav from mission planner.

Please see video to see better what is happening.


I tryed reloading the firmware, but mission planner said its not needed, because it's installed already. So I loaded one of the beta firmwares, and i'm still getting the same crap.......

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  • Your MicroSD card is corrupt, just plug it into the adapter that comes with the pixhawk, and format it fat 32, put it back in the Pixhawk, and it should be Ok.

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