Pixhawk Gyro Noise

I have a Pixhawk Clone in my Telemaster that am currently trying to tune.  I seem to have noise in my servos when I activate a flight mode other than MANUAL.  It seems that the noise is particularly strong on the roll/x axis.  After looking at the logs, it seems that X axis gryo from IMU2 seems to be noisy.  What is the acceptable amount of noise from a gyro?  SHould I try to filter this out?  WHy are there two IMUs?  Can the noisy one be turned off or is this not recommended?  I have attached a log from my plane sitting still on the ground so you can see what I am talking about.  The noise does contribute to about 15us of roll control, constantly.

Any help would be appreciated.

2016-03-07 12-20-48.bin

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  • I must be doing something wrong.  Plenty of views but no responses.  Did I post in the wrong place?

  • I see a couple of interesting params that might need changing.  They are 



    What should these be set to?  The first one is set to IMU2, which happens to be the noisier of my two IMUs.  The second one is set to 1.  What do they mean by "first orientation"?  Is that the first power up?  My plane is a tail dragger so the body is not level at power up.  What about trim calculations.  When are they done?  Are they continuous?  Should I set this to IMU1 since that is my most stable gyro?

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