I have a strange issue with my Hexacopter running an original 3DR Pixhawk.

The hexa was configured about 3 months back and was perofmrning well, but from last couple of days Motor 4&6 turn on intermittently ie when in stabilize mode and i power up, rest of the motors spin up but sometimes 6 does not spin up at all, and sometimes it does.

This never happened before.

Even through the Mission Planner Motor Test routine, sometimes the motor 6 does not turn when giving the command ( while others respond well .

the ESC and motor are OK, since they work perfectly when driven through a servo tested.

The ESC signal cable wire is also in good condition and the crimp on the connector is good too.

I swapped the Pixhawk with another one, and it all works fine .

Was wondering on if there would be a hardware issue within the pixhawk ?

Any way i can check it, or get it checked ?

I am terrified to think what would have happenend had this occured during the flight 

Any help here would be highly appreciated.

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