Pixhawk logs incomplete or flights not making logs at all. Trouble connecting to mission planner via USB.

I'm unable to record a single full dataflash log, and 3 out of 5 flights produce no log files at all.

To retrieve the log files I eject the microSD from pixhawk and insert it to my laptop, so it's no problem downloading them from mission planner. 

I have re-formatted the SDcard several times, and i'm using the original 4gb card that came with my pixhawk. Don't think it's a brownout, my CURR.Vcc for my last flight where the log file stopped was min:5180 max:5230 so no big voltage fluctuations there... 

Should i try a different SD card or re load the firmware on my pixhawk? I'm at a loss, and would really like to always reliably make log files to review for tuning, battery/voltage issues, or in case of possible crash. 

On another note, Sometimes pixhawk will connect via USB to mission planner, but 90% of the times I try it will not. I have APM copter 3.3.3 loaded on it, and proper drivers installed using windows 10. It always shows up in device manager as "PX4 FMU (COM4)" and I always use the right com/baud in mission planner to connect. But it ALWAYS connects over data radio connection. 

Any help appreciated

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