PixHawk looses the ability to keep Y6 level after minutes of perfect hover.


I have a FireFLY6 as a Y6 copter using an authentic 3DR PixHawkY6B configuration with Arducopter 3.2....

After minutes of flying level, the Y6 starts to roll and pitch gently out of level.  This gets worse over time.  After about a minute, full stick will no longer hold the craft level so it gets landed.  I have shown my logs to the mfg.  The mfg did not feel there was any problem with the PixHawk so will offer me no more help.

The tests were done with no wind.  And toward the end of the flight, I am keeping the craft level even though the actual roll value does not show that.  When I cannot keep it level, I lower the throttle and land.

The flight mode was always just hover level assist mode.

I am asking if someone can please look at the logs and help me understand why late in the flight the copter no longer is stable.  I have charted the variables I think show the problem, but the mfg just shows me back charts of the accel cal being ok.

The logs are also attached.  

Thank you very much.  

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