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the telemetry solution by Craft & Theory will feed the Mavlink-sentences from a Pixhawk to a Taranis and display the data on the Taranis LCD. I was wondering whether in any way the Taranis can be made to forward the Mavlink-data to a Laptop running Mission planner. The Taranis would simply serve as a pass-through and Mission planner could display live-position etc. Transmission could be wireless or wired.

At this point the only solution I know is to use 3DR-radios to send the Mavlink data to a Laptop. With this in my case I get much shorter range than the 2Ghz4 link of the Taranis and I wonder: why transmit the same sentences twice over different channels ?

Anybody aware of a solution making the Taranis re-transmit the date ?

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Aug 25