I am working with the PX4 Flow and trying to connect it to a pixhawk mini.  For some reason, I can't find a scrap of documentation for anything related to the pixhawk mini.  So, I come to y'all!  The issue is that the Pixhawk mini is unable to the PX4 Flow camera being plugged into it's I2C port.  My setup/issues are as follows:

1.  The 4 pin pixhawk mini breakout cables for I2C did not fit the same 4 pin I2C connection on the PX4Flow, so I had to cut and sodder until we had a working set.  I do not believe this is the problem because I soddered everything 1 at a time.  

2.  Is the pixhawk mini incapable of having a PX4 Flow camera attached to it? Even if it is an I2C device?

3.  In Mission Planner, the box that one would click on to enable an Optical Flow sensor is greyed out.  How do I make that not grey-ed out essentially?  In addition, the value "FLOW_ENABLE" is not avaliable on the full parameter list.

I am following this documentation for the PX4 Flow: http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-px4flow-overview.html .  The PX4 Flow is powered and has the most recent firmware.  Any help would be appreciated.  Also any pages related to the PX4 Flow and Pixhawk mini would be helpful as well! 


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Hi. I'm trying to do the same. Have you figured out how, in the end?
Thank you so much

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