Pixhawk Plane V3.8.3 Takeoff throttle not at maximum

Hi and thanks in advance for your thoughts.

I have been flying Pixhawks on fixed wing aircraft for years without too much trouble.  Now I have trouble.  I am attempting autotakeoff in AUTO mode using TKOFF_THR_MINSPD = 2 m/s, TKOFF_THR_MAX = 100%,  TKOFF_THR_SLEW=100%.   I run with the plane until the motor starts, then toss it.  The problem is that the throttle is only 65% to 75% max throttle at ~1750 mS. (monitoring CH3OUT and CH3%).  The value changes, suggesting that someone in there is calculating CH3, instead of nailing it at 100%.  If I switch on the RC transmitter and apply full throttle, the motor outputs 100%. SERVO3_MAX = 1900.  If I increase SERVO3_MAX, CH3_OUT increases.  THR_MAX=100%, STICK_MIXING = 0. Mission Planner shows navigation to WP1.  WP1 is a TAKEOFF instruction.

I have been through the entire parameter list in an effort to find where I may have limited the throttle to less than 100% without success.

Thanks again.

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