Salida, CO

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Long time UAV since 1998. Started several companies. Retired.

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Flying several now. Formerly based on my AP40 autopilot, now using Pixhawk (faster, cheaper, smaller, better). More at www.flying-eye.com


Salida, Colorado

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Steven Sarns posted a discussion
Hi and thanks in advance for your thoughts.I have been flying Pixhawks on fixed wing aircraft for years without too much trouble.  Now I have trouble.  I am attempting autotakeoff in AUTO mode using TKOFF_THR_MINSPD = 2 m/s, TKOFF_THR_MAX = 100%, …
Dec 6, 2017
Steven Sarns replied to Steven Sarns's discussion Update Plane V3.8.0
"I have discovered that the servo trim values are retained if I unplug the PPM input connector from my RC receiver.  I have concluded that this is a bug.  Ignore my question 2, I see how Missioin Planner handles it now."
Aug 28, 2017
Steven Sarns replied to Beatriz Palmeiro's discussion About Ground Control Station User Experience
"1) fly for fun, fixed wing, I used to be a hardware/software autopilot developer, now retired
2) Mission Planner, because it does most of what I need
3) I like and use many/most features.  I have the following suggestions:
Aug 28, 2017
Steven Sarns posted a discussion
Hi & thanks in advance...I am having a hard time successfully updating from ArduPlane 3.7.1 to 3.8.0.  I am using Mission Planner 1.3.49.  The actual plane has been flying well using a Pixhawk manufactured by 3D Robotics.  The plane is a…
Aug 27, 2017
Steven Sarns posted a discussion
Hi Guys, (newbie, so I welcome any corrections),I am running Mission Planner 1.3.39 (last version that runs on XP) and Arduplane V3.3.0.  Flying fine.  I have two questions:1) The "Load Presaved" button on the "Full Parameter List" and "Full…
Sep 13, 2016
Steven Sarns posted a discussion
Hello All, this is my first post to this forum so I apologize for all of my newbie errors.The "executive summary" of my problem is: I cannot reverse my flap output channel.  When I change the CH5_REV from 1 to -1, the flaps physically move from…
Aug 10, 2016