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I am having a hard time successfully updating from ArduPlane 3.7.1 to 3.8.0.  I am using Mission Planner 1.3.49.  The actual plane has been flying well using a Pixhawk manufactured by 3D Robotics.  The plane is a conventional tractor with ailerons, elevator, throttle and rudder.  I have calibrated the radio. The problem that I am currently fighting is the servo output trim values e.g. SERVO1 -> SERVO1_TRIM.  When I write a correct value to center the flight control surfaces e.g. 1500, REFRESH PARAMETERS shows 1500.  However, after the power has been removed and restored, the parameter reverts to the SERVO1_MIN value (1050).  Not what I was expecting.  RC1 shows 1100 min, 1500 trim and 1900 max.  The problem exists on SERVO2, SERVO3 and SERVO4.

1) how to prevent reset of SERVO TRIM values?

2) how to reflash V3.7.1?  Mission Planner used to have that capability but it appears to have been removed.

Thank you again.

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  • I have discovered that the servo trim values are retained if I unplug the PPM input connector from my RC receiver.  I have concluded that this is a bug.  Ignore my question 2, I see how Missioin Planner handles it now.

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